By giving a bonus incentive, your subscribers will be more compelled to buy through you over someone else who simply dishes out a direct affiliate link. People want more value for money.

Sometimes making your own bonus package can be time and effort consuming, so I am going to help you … by giving you one that you can use right away!

Creating a PRE-SELL page will increase your affiliate profits. This has been proven time and time again – even when you have a small list. Feel free to use the bonuses here below in your pre-sell page or when you list your bonuses in your email promos.

Of course, you will be adding still more value if you add your own bonuses too – and still better if you create a short video about Ecover Graphics Pro V2 😉

Bonuses Are Automatically Delivered To Your Customers!

So all you really need to do is line up your e-mail swipes and send your subscribers and customers to your bonus page!

Just remember to replace YOUR AFFILIATE LINK in the buttons with your own affiliate link.

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