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Ecover Graphics Pro V2 - PLR License

Ecover Graphics Pro Vol 2
Private Licensing Rights

Ecover Graphics Pro is a MASSIVE set of PREMIUM and Professionally designed of kindle or PDF book cover templates. These HIGH-QUALITY eCover templates are designed to help Authors, Product Creators, or Publisher make the best out of any product design and branding, Kindle or PDF Book Covers, and more.

With PLR Licence you will get 150 premium quality ecover templates covering the top niches out there. It Also come with all the PSD source file and fonts included at a price you won’t find anywhere on the web.

We’re talking about an easy solution to high quality professional book covers that will enable your customers to stop paying expensive fees to graphic designers. Let’s face it, not everybody has graphic design skills! Hiring a graphic designer can be very expensive, and outsourced graphics are plain amteurish . This is why we created ECOVER GRAPHICS PRO, to help people save precious time and a ton of money on book cover designs.

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Sales Letter

The product comes with a high quality sales letter made to convert. It’s the exact same type of sales copy that’s already proven to convert for us to a tune of 6 figures a year.

Sales Graphics

The product comes with all the professional graphics you need to start selling like preview images, website header, logo, etc..

Sales Page

You’ll also get a fully put together sales page, with the sales letter and and graphics already in place and nicely formatted. You just have to stick your order button in there, upload it to your server, and you’re ready to go.

Source Files

All the source files for the product and the sales page. So you can customize the product itself, the sales letter, and pretty much everything else and make the product truly unique and your own.

PLR License

You’ll get Private Label Rights to everything. So you have the right to customize any part of the product, put your name on it, brand it to fit your business, and sell it yourself keeping 100% of the sales.

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Ecover Graphics Pro V2 - PLR License

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[NO] Can sell or give away resell rights to products
[NO] Can claim copyright to product

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Ecover Graphics Pro V2 - PLR License

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